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ID: EF0711070

Freehold Dog Training & Boarding School
Locate: Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Sattahip, Thailand


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Freehold Dog Training & Boarding School
Here’s another of those “below the radar” businesses that can make a lot of money without making a lot of noise. People like pets, and lots of those people like dogs. Dogs that do what they’re told. Dogs that do what dogs do where they’re supposed to do it. Dogs that don’t bite the hand that feeds them, or anybody else’s hand, either. So, we need a dog training school. This business has operated successfully in this location for 13 years.

The 2,388-sq.-meters grounds include one 2-bedroom/1-bath house with living room, office, and kitchen. It also hosts an open-air bar/restaurant with a pool table, for visiting owners and friends. And there are 28-dog kennels, dog-training facilities, and training courses. Freehold price 6-million baht.



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Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Sattahip, Thailand


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Brokered by : Pattaya Investments
Business ID : EF0711070

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