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15 Feb 2008 20:31:10 GMT

Getting The Best Price For Your Home

It’s All About Marketing


Whether you are moving into a larger home or having to relocate to another place because of a job transfer, you have decided to sell your residence. Naturally, you want to get the best price possible for it.  You can do a great deal to help make that happen by following these five rules.


Rule #1: Make sure everything is operating correctly, especially water & electrical installations. No leaks. No dead outlets.


Rule #2: Keep the bathroom and toilet areas 100% clean and shining. A little spritz of air freshener wouldn’t hurt.


Rule #3: Do not leave jobs half finished (like leaving bare wires hanging out of walls, etc).


Rule #4: As with the toilets, kitchens should look well appointed, clean and tidy.


Rule #5: Outdoor & garden settings should look trim & easy to manage.


Kitchens and Toilets are Key Areas for Attention


So let’s look at some of the key factors more closely. First and foremost (and we cannot stress enough the importance of this) have the bathrooms, toilets, showers and kitchens looking tidy. They don’t have to be new, but they do have to look well cared for. To the prospective purchasers, (especially the ladies), this has a big psychological effect, and if you have to spend money on some refurbishment or professional cleaning services, then do it.  You will find that it is time and effort – or money - well spent; it may well be the deciding factor in the sale of your residence.  A man will always ask his wife if she likes the house before he makes the final decision to purchase, so convincing the ladies is necessary to clinch the deal. Having bathrooms and kitchen clean and neat is a necessary first step in convincing her.


Freshen Up


In real estate there’s an old saying that goes, “Its amazing what a difference a coat of paint makes.” It’s true. The results are often amazing. When all minor repairs are done and the general appearance of the house improved, the end result may well be that the selling price is increased substantially - often more than the cost of the refurbishments. 


Conversely, it is certain that if you overlook any repairs, maintenance or unfinished work, the prospective buyer is sure to find them, and probably use them as a point to negotiate downward from your asking price.


They See the Outside Even Before They See the Inside


It is important to have your house’s outdoor areas clean and tidy. First impressions are important, so no small piles of rubbish or odd items should be left lying around, “Spiffed up” always creates a better impression.  Any garden area should be neatly trimmed, and give the impression that it is easy to keep in order, since nobody likes to see a garden that resembles the Amazon jungle, especially the man of the house who will imagine having to do the yard work himself (you never know what may be lurking in there).


What’s Left?


Now we come to the all important point of marketing that shiny, clean house, as even the best – and best maintained - property will not sell unless prospective purchasers realize that it is for sale.  When it comes to marketing your house or condo you’ll want to think like any other business person with something to sell.


You need to


  • decide who your likely “customer” will be (are they single or married, foreigner or Thai, now living locally or abroad, etc.),

  • decide how to reach them (will a sign on the front lawn suffice, or an ad in the local paper, a new web site, etc.), and then you have to

  • design the marketing materials and/or advertisements that will attract and convince the prospective buyer.


Or, you could contract with a real estate advisor to do those things for you.


Since you’ll almost certainly have to employ the services of a lawyer for the preparation and filing of all the documents associated with selling your house, you might consider retaining an advisor with comprehensive in-house marketing, legal, and accounting services to help guide you through the entire process.


You’ll find those services offered at Evans Marketing. Please call on us at any time that we can be of assistance.


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