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ID: EN0805093

South Pattaya Guesthouse, Restaurant and Bar
Locate: South Pattaya, Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand


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South Pattaya Guesthouse, Restaurant and Bar
      This three part business was established 7-years ago, in a double, 3-story shop-house building, just off busy Thepprasit Road, which is progressing towards becoming a de-facto satellite city of Pattaya. There is a separate entrance for the eight guest rooms on the upper floors, with four having balconies and these rooms are easy to rent, as Thepprasit Road is becoming the business centre for Jomtien.

      The Restaurant plus the Bar have seating for 30-guests, and both of these areas are tiled, being very well furnished and tastefully decorated. The large, modern restaurant kitchen is finished in stainless steel, and is fully equipped to handle a full capacity restaurant. Opening hours are from 10.00am - 12.00pm, with three full time staff being employed in this easy to manage business, which has just been temporarily closed due to the ill health of the owner.  For this reason, the building and business is for sale as a ‘freehold’ fully equipped operation, with an inventory valued at 35,000 Baht. Annual receipts 1.44-million Baht; - Net profit 600,000 Baht yearly. “This Is A Little ‘Gold-Mine’ Ready To Make Profits” – Sale 1.10-Million Baht.



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South Pattaya, Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand


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Business ID : EN0805093

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