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ID: EF0802010

Leasehold South Pattaya French Restaurant
Locate: South Pattaya, Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand


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Leasehold South Pattaya French Restaurant
This French style restaurant is located near Tuk Com in South Pattaya, right in the middle of the busy part of town. Its very large 4-shophouse corner location allows for 70-seats in 3 distinct sections. The staff is well trained and capable of carrying on with minimal supervision. At present a dinner house open 7.00 pm -11.00 pm but it could open for lunch and expect substantial mid-day business.
Included in the sale are all new furniture, fixtures & equipment valued at 2.5 million baht, plus a stock inventory of 20,000 baht. The big feature is that this is a fully registered company, which has all the necessary licenses, and even has two “work permits” for foreign nationals. This restaurant business is on a 3-year lease plus 3 year lease (expires Jan. 2012),and the monthly rental is 35,000 baht. The huge 5.4 million baht in yearly cash receipts generates a nice 2.4 million baht annual profit. Price 4.5-million baht.



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South Pattaya, Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand


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Business ID : EF0802010

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