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ID: EF0807047

"Freehold" North Pattaya Hotel
Locate: Naklua, Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand


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Here is a profitable hotel business, which was established ten years ago, and the present owner has been in possession of this enterprise for two years. The four storey building is in good condition, and occupies an area of 644 square metres of freehold land in the Naklua (North Pattaya) district. The hotel has a total of forty rooms, which includes three deluxe suites, six large apartments, plus 31 standard rooms, and all rooms are nicely decorated, well maintained, and room rates start from 500 Baht per day and upwards.

The premises have the benefit of a nice swimming pool, an Internet station, office and a ground floor restaurant, which is rented out at 22,000 baht monthly and is open 24-hours daily. The ten full-time staff draw wages totaling 50,000 baht monthly, and are desirous of continuing their employment under a new owner. This business enterprise represents is a sound investment opportunity, that can make good profits immediately, without having the burden of having to pay rent. “Big Annual Profits; 70% Occupancy, Plus Many Repeat Customers” - Sale Offered At 45-million baht.



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Naklua, Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand


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Business ID : EF0807047

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