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ID: EM0604018

Freehold Pratamnak Guesthouse
Locate: South Pattaya, Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand


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Freehold Pratamnak Guesthouse
The traditional if unofficial name for Pratamnak Hill is “Buddha Hill” in honor of the large Golden Buddha and wat (temple) on its peak. More recently, though, the even more unofficial name of “Beverly Hill” has become popular, denoting the rapid escalation of real estate prices all up and down the mountain.
This listing is for a lovely guest house in this prestigious location. The freehold 4-story double-wide shop-house occupies 43.7-square wah, and holds seven rental rooms. Successfully operating for 2-years, it is all easily managed by the owner plus one full-time staff member.
The purchase price includes furniture, fixtures and equipment. The wonderful sea views from the upper floors, looking out over the Gulf of Thailand and Islands, have made this residence popular with tourists and long-term residents. The seller reports yearly sales of 2.4 million baht. Freehold price 16.5-million baht.



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South Pattaya, Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand


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Brokered by : Pattaya Investments
Business ID : EM0604018

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